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Display Advertising

Display ads can help you reach virtually the entire internet through advanced audience targeting and real time bidding.

What is Display Advertising?

Google Ads search campaigns certainly help you reach the users with the most commercial intent (readiness to buy), but your inventory is limited to the people actively searching for the products and services you sell.

Leveraging the display network will let you reach hundreds of millions of users each day as they browse the web. But I’ll make sure your ads are only shown on high quality websites and to high quality visitors interested in what you sell.

The display network (showing your ads on other websites) is the best way to pick up cheap traffic at high volume.

Types Of Display Ads

The display network is a vast landscape with many different available ad formats. Each ad format has it’s pros and cons, and each work better under certain circumstances more than others. I’ll be designing and bidding on the ad formats that most closely align with your marketing goals.


Text Ads

Same as an ad on Google Search. Includes a headline, two lines of text (35 characters each), and a URL.

Dynamic Product Ads

Automatically promote relevant products from your entire catalog across any device.

Interactive Ads

Interactive ads are essentially image ads that have interactive elements, animations, or other aspects that can change depending on who is looking at the ad and how they interact with the ad.

Image Ads

These ads let you include relevant images, customized layouts, and background colours.

Video Ads

Create an ad and embed a video that plays directly within it. Further customize video ads with image galleries and calls to action.

Gmail Ads

Image and text ads show directly inside the Gmail inbox of your target customer. Advertisers are charged when the ad is fully expanded inside the inbox.


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